Welcome to the Universal Lands Store

 Here you can purchase a range of items to boost your gameplay experience. Or show off your sick new cosmetics, from pets to emotes. Furthermore, Universal Lands is an EULA compliant non-pay2win server. We are proud of being EULA compliant as we provide a fair and enjoyable experience to everyone. No matter how much money you spend this is a fair playground for all. You can purchase ranks and in-game extras such as pets, emotes and gadgets. Feeling kind? Buy a key and give everyone a boost in-game. We set up this store so you can donate and receive cool in-game items or bonuses. Donations help keep the server up and pay for the equipment and/or services we use.

From everyone in the Universal Lands Staff team, we wish you an entertaining gaming experience.


  • Please check your username is spelt correctly as we will not be able to exchange goods if you have spelt it wrong
  • You will need to be online at the time of purchase
  • If the package you are buying includes items please make sure you have enough space in your inventory

Notes to Parents

You are purchasing a digital good to be used within the server. You will not receive any physical goods. You also by continuing to use this website agree to our Terms and Conditions. You will only receive what is stated in the description of the item you bought. There are other packages that come with different items so understand what you will be getting before proceeding with the payment. We also reserve the rights to ban and mute your child if he/she breaks any rules. In this case, depending on severity he/she will no longer have access to the digital goods.

Did not receive your purchase? 

A purchase can take up to 10 minutes to process. You also need to be online on the respective server as well. However, if you have not received your purchase within 12 hours please contact us on Discord or our Forums. Do not contact Mojang about payments as we are not affiliated with them.

Refund Policy 

As the packages we sell are intangible goods. We cannot provide refunds upon request.  

Since you can not replace the time it took to assign you your rank, and/or give back the items you received, no refunds will be granted.  This accounts even if you were banned, or muted. We cannot exchange or transfer your donations either. 

Executing a chargeback/dispute will get your account banned/blacklisted from our server automatically and cannot be appealed. 

You must be 18+ to donate. If you are under 18 please ask your parents first.

Privacy Policy

The information you provide to us while using the store whether private or public will not be: sold, exchanged, transferred or given to any other company and/or person(s) without your consent. Your information will only be used for the sole purpose of purchasing and delivering the purchased goods and or services.

You will not receive any spam emails or similar. We may contact you in case we notice issues with your payment. 

Payment Options

Payments on the store are handled by PayPal. If you have any questions please ask on our Discord

Echeque will take 7-14 days to process. Due to security reasons you will not receive your items until the check has cleared.

Name changes will result in your goods being unavailable to you due to the tendency of our network. If you do change your name please contact our staff team as we may be able to support you. However, we cannot guarantee this.

Notice: We reserve the right to edit and or remove any elements of the packages on the store. 

© Universal Lands 2018

Disclaimer: Universal Lands is NOT affiliated with Minecraft and/or Mojang AB